You may ask yourself, why should I go with Lyons Custom Motorsports for my chassis build or my suspension set up and parts. There are a few different reasons to look at Lyons. First off, we are not a cookie cutter chassis shop. Everything that we do is done with the utmost care for the clients race car. Safety and quality are the top two priorities at Lyons Custom Motorsports. When we build a chassis, we are building you a home to protect you from anything that could happen in the world of racing, and you can believe, if I am stamping my name on it, then the quality has to be 100%

Another reason for going with Lyons is that we don't just do every car that comes in the door. I talk with each potential client to make sure that he or she is going to be a good fit for what we do and for what they want us to do. When your life is the number one priority, I want to make sure that we are on the same page before we even start on your car. You as a car owner and driver must be able to build that relationship with your chassis builder, and that's exactly what we look to do with our clients. 

Lastly, we are a small, intimate shop. I am not cranking out jig chassis every couple of weeks. Working with my clients to make sure that their car is built to the best possible specs and perform at the level both they and I expect are something that I take great pride in. When you call the shop, you won't deal with five other people before talking to me. It's the care and attention that we believe our clients deserve that separates us from a lot of other builders out there. So when you are looking to have a safe, well constructed, work of art chassis, look no further than Lyons Custom Motorsports.